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WorkDesk - Tracking

A vibrant business environment has its share of possibilities and challenges. In addition, a company must guarantee that the IT infrastructure is accessible and runs 24/7 smoothly. If the IT infrastructure is not constantly controlled, the failure rate is bound to rise, causing further sudden breakdowns, economic and financial losses.

A business with a secure and flexible IT infrastructure and 5D Solutions with monitoring Solutions can rush to your aid and assist you address these challenges. 5D Solutions LLC, we are proud of our decades of expertise in providing cost-effective and completely endorsed IT services, infrastructure to our customers.



It is the technological era, and organisations no longer need to set individual thresholds or handle time-consuming maintenance and monitoring. With years of experience, we have learned how to determine the guidelines needed to solve organizational issues and enhance operative competence.

When staff spend time on non productive activities other than work, significant hours of job are wasted and task will be delayed. With 5D Solutions’ Monitoring solutions, you can readily and easily monitor employee and keep an eye of his productivity on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With a proactive strategy, you can monitor your IT infrastructure remotely, including smart devices, servers, printers and networks, and receive real-time updates by email or sms and analyzed these data in interactive Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

5D Solutions’ monitoring solutions is developed to improve company productivity and efficiency while monitoring smart devices, machines and networks.

Proactive strategy enables you to remain informed and aware of critical problems so that you can take the obligatory measures to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

Increase your business Productivity by 40%

Track Productive & Unproductive Application your team working On..

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